Are You a 50 Sec Man As Well? Check Out How I Stumbled Upon 5000-Year-Old Ancient Techniques to Resolve My Sexual and Reproductive Issues

Solved Premature Ejaculation. Liberated from Porn and Masturbation. Went from 20M to 75M to Resolve our Conception Issues

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I am Rajesh and there is a reason why my story might be of some interest to you. But first, take just 10 seconds to answer this below question and see if you qualify for anything on this page.

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  • It’s always embarrassing to awkwardly tell my girl after like 2 minutes that I accidentally finished.
  • Did I last enough?
  • Can’t tolerate this disturbing silence after my 40-sec release. Why doesn’t she speak a word or at least show some damn emotion?.
  • In the middle when she is asking to push harder I am already on the verge?
  • When I masturbate I can last 15 minutes easily, but why 2 minutes is so difficult in real time?
  • After watching Porn, I am convinced women are satisfied only with well-endowed men.
  • Porn addiction has changed something in me. I lost my self-confidence and I don’t have it in me anymore to approach any girl or woman again.
  • Masturbation habit has transformed my libido. Somehow I am more excited about the idea and imagination of sex than the act itself.

If you can tick any of the above, then you are in for some life-changing information which is UNSEEN – UNHEARD – UNKNOWN.

What Modern Sexual Revolution Changed for Man Forever

It is good that the modern sexual revolution happened, but something permanently changed for men like me.

Two huge rounds of revolutions came in the modern history of human sexuality. First was the introduction of contraception pill which gave women immense control over their future. Next came the sexual activism of the 1960s which found it’s way to mainstream social discussions. Porn was publicly discussed by celebrities and critics. And then finally, with the arrival of the age of the Internet, Women sexuality took the center stage.

Making Sexual Fantasies of Women Real. This is a new trauma men like us are reeling under. We now have to meet imaginary expectations of G spot, female orgasm, squirting, 30 minutes stamina like Pornstars, and the list goes on. It is a fact that most women don’t experience such new age sexual terms, but idea has been planted successfully by intellectual magazines, celebrities, porn exposure.

In the midst of this sexual revolution, Man’s sexuality is going through heightened scrutiny like never before. Male sexual Non-Performance is no longer dealt with compassion or secrecy. Most women would deliver the message of disappointment right on your face. And some would quietly break the relationship on the pretext of this or that. After centuries of social stigma, Women deserve it and it is okay.

But the expectation is REAL. And the complete onus is on Men.

Failure to perform gets deep into their head and hits directly the self-esteem of a Man. It’s all downhill from there, such a man finds it extremely difficult to perform at his highest capacity in other areas of life like studies, work, relationship. Even if they are assured of nothing is wrong with them, the low self-esteem and guilt just refuse to leave the system.

To make things worse, if the modern stressful lifestyle was not enough, two more factors just ruined it for men

  • Porn watching habit
  • “Masturbation is Safe” Theory

You would not find much scientific empirical data about how much damage both of this factor does to Man’s sexual and reproductive capacity. But the extent of damage to growing kids done by over-masturbation and porn watching is unimaginable and sometimes permanent – physically and psychologically. I would not list out the damages here, but if you want to come out of the trap, then what you need is just 21 days and some amazing techniques.

 Men Are Silently Suffering from No Support. But Where is the Solution?

Today many men are burdened under a few obvious sexual issues.

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Liking the virtual sex more than the actual act of sex
  • Porn watching habits
  • Over-masturbation leading to ruining of sex life
  • Loss of libido
  • Lack of confidence to approach women

Unfortunately, the solution is hard to find. Sadly Medical Science has not much to offer. Few sleazy marketing companies are selling anything and everything to exploit this suffering of men. Essentially those men are left to themselves to find the solution.

Internet which is supposed to be of biggest help dishes out the same rehashed information again and again.

7 foods to spice up your sex life
9 Natural ways to Boost your Libido
7 little-known Things that help men last longer
12 Easy Ways to …

Some brute force methods exist though for some conditions of ED and premature ejaculation.

Pills and Numbing Creams

Some anti-depressant pills actually were found to help in delaying premature ejaculation. However, one study reported, 70% people taking that drug stopped it typically citing various side effects.

You only need sheer common sense to conclude that drugs dealing with the manipulation of a sympathetic event of body such as ejaculation is bound to interfere in other helpful sympathetic events inside the body. Precisely the reason, why these solutions are called brute force desperate methods.

Talk about numbing creams! Unless applied under the condoms, be ready to numb your partner as well which will be dreadful to deal with.

How I Stumbled upon Profound, Technique Based Solution – In Ancient Yogic Sanskrit Texts

Nobody understood the subtle energies of Man better than this Yogic culture and Ancient Texts of India. If you search Human sexuality History in Google, this comes up in Wikipedia at the very top-

India played a significant role in the history of sex, from writing one of the first literature that treated sexual intercourse as a science, to in modern times being the origin of the philosophical focus of new-age groups’ attitudes on sex. It may be argued that India pioneered the use of sexual education through art and literature.

The first evidence of attitudes towards sex comes from the ancient texts of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, the first of which are perhaps the oldest surviving literature in the world.

You can breathe a sigh of relief. Now you are listening to someone who has read this, practiced it and talking from relief and experience. I was fortunate to get exposed to these rare and secret texts while growing up due to my deep interest and a very conducive environment around me. If you consider knowledge is a treasure, I was exactly on a Hollywood movie type treasure hunt.

But as they say – knowledge, unless applied, makes Man cripple. Life obviously hit me with its timely appropriate challenges. In sexual and reproductive areas, I was slowly encountering one problem after another.

In the above “Which One Are You” Questions – I Actually Ticked 5-7

  • My first inadequacy came in the form of a phenomenon of early release. Tips on the internet appeared too shallow and rightly found so.
  • And then came the challenge of trying for a baby for 1 year and a subsequent miscarriage for us. My tests were satisfactory but 20 million sperm count and average sperm motility had so much room for improvement.
  • Self-analysis, self-research, self-learning was always my forte. It didn’t take long to recognize the ill effects of years of Porn watching habit, masturbation, and immense stress.

How to stop porn watching habitFortunately, My years of treasure hunt came to the rescue.  Quickly one fundamental shift happened in search of the solution

Primary sexual organ is Mind. Parts in pelvic region are secondary. 

If you understand this from your core, you would realize why Medical science has no solution in this domain unless it is a physiological or anatomical issue.

And this is precisely the reason, why I found the solutions in my treasure hunt of years. It was only a matter of putting some random practices together to solve the overall puzzle.

Some of the intense techniques were meant for purely spiritual purposes and powers, however, I found a way how to manipulate them for the mundane sexual purposes. This sort of creativity happens when you understand the entire science, it’s context and it’s subtleties, at least at the intellectual level if not by experience.

Even one of the supplement I had to increase my sperm count was from authentic Ayurveda texts. This complemented aptly my other actions to reach a sperm count of 75 million in next 8-9 months.

This science is vast and picking techniques suited for sexual issues was an effort in itself. I would get fascinated with some techniques and eventually drop it after some time.

It took me around one year to settle down with techniques that can be accommodated in the modern lifestyle of a regular jobholder who has only that much time in a day. Drastic changes are just impossible to make.

The most beautiful thing that happened to my life is – porn watching and masturbation just got dropped from my life and my mind. I don’t have the problem of relapse after a few days, weeks or months. It is more than two years, I stand unscathed and increasing in confidence every day.

I have compiled all my integrated techniques in this Ebook that has transformed my life beautifully.

Ancient Secretsfor Sexual Problems

But hold on… Before I can share with you my compiled techniques, I have to give you a warning.

Because enough people have been fooled by sleazy marketing tactics in the name of Japanese, Indian, Chinese methods, I must tell you what NOT to expect from my methods.

  • This is strictly NOT about curing ED. The techniques mentioned in the book MAY or MAY NOT help the condition. They act very deep in the Mind and body, so there may be a probability. But I don’t know since I never had this condition nor I understand the root cause of it. This book is my years of knowledge, assimilation of them, implementation, conviction, and self-experience. Since ED is not my experience, the book doesn’t mention this in any of the methods.
  • This is NOT about increasing length. In my opinion, you should just stay away from such claims. They are neither authentic people nor understand the consequences of it.
  • This is NOT about an instant cure of anything. Those who utter this language are playing on your fear factor and anxiety pattern.

Ancient Secretsfor Sexual Problems

My methods resolve various issues and take appropriate time for each issue to give result. Some just catch the techniques of lasting longer in bed in just 2 days and some may take a week or more. If you are interested to know how I increased my sperm counts, the results may only come in next 6-7 months.

Still Reading? Excellent!

I must have really upset the instant “take a pill-solve everything” type of miracle seekers with my disclaimers above. Only serious and self-motivated people stayed back.

I am absolutely delighted to talk to you more about this Ebook and its methods. I am sure you will carry little nuggets from here that will serve you in multiple domains of your life for a very long time.

Here is the list of topics, methods and solutions you can expect from the book.

  • What is the real unknown power of Sexual energy ( Page 26 )
  • What is the subtlest tool to manipulate sexual energy ( Page xx)
  • Why the technique of mental distraction doesn’t help men much to last longer ( Page 56-57)
  • Two physical techniques to bring Mind instantly out of Orgasmic explosion during lovemaking. ( Page 60-61)
  • Why any technique on Mind is useless to stop watching Porn and Stop Masturbation. ( Page 22)
  • Four rare techniques to permanently drop the thoughts of Porn and Masturbation from Mind. ( Page 65 )
  • One ayurvedic supplement that carries all multimineral that your body needs and increases sperm count giving countless benefits. ( page 83-85)
  • How Sweat-Biological rest-Breathing lifestyle helped improve my seminal parameters while still doing my fulltime job. ( Page 81-83)
  • How I discarded the usual antibiotics of doctor and used one natural homemade antibiotics prepared from the water. ( Page 88 )
  • How I used a rare and unique technique to increase stamina multifold in just a few weeks. ( Page 91)

When such powerful changes happen, do you think you remain limited to sexual benefits? No way!! Beautiful changes begin to happen in your body and Mind. Check out the FAQ section below.

So… How Much Worth This Information is for You?

I saw a very distinct difference in behavior when people got this book free and people bought it. Few people got it free as review copies or winning contests. And many bought it. It is true when they say, people value when they pay. It was almost painful to see how people getting it free were so casual about the information at their hand. They took such powerful information as granted.

Almost 90 percent of them had no wonder in knowing new secrets, no comments or feedback since they did not implement. Whereas around 60-70 percent of people buying reported feedback and actually implemented. They were happily surprised and got playing with the techniques. Such people are a delight to listen to. I want such people only to read my book and get value out of it.

So I wanted to keep this book paid, however, very nominal. If you think such beautiful changes in life mean anything to you, you can get the book for only $37. Click below Buy button to download the Ebook instantly.

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1. Can it cure Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is not a disease in the first place. If you consider a 2-minute release as premature, you can find many other partners happy with such time. So only if partners in the act consider it is a premature release, then you need to think about lasting longer. This book covers 2 techniques for any man to last longer in bed – up to 10 to 15 minutes.

2. How long you can last in bed with your techniques?

You can prolong your ejaculation as long as possible theoretically using these techniques. However, going by my experience, you can easily last up to 10-15 minutes.

3. How fast can I increase my sexual stamina?

This actually depends on the specific human body. Not all body responds the same to the same method. With that said, my method is the quickest way to build stamina in general and thereby increasing sexual stamina. This is a unique method taking only 20-30 minutes a day and giving result only in a few weeks.

4. Can I really increase my sperm count?

Yes, if you follow this regimen I give in the book, you can improve your sperm quality very fast. You should however always check if any anatomical reasons bringing down your sperm count.

5. How fast can I see the result to last longer in bed using your techniques?

This really depends on how quickly you can understand, practice and apply the techniques. Some take just 2-3 days, some a week or some even more. If your sexual encounters are frequent, it is just easier to test these techniques fast with your partner and get confident.

6. Can I do these techniques if I am very busy with my occupation?

To last longer in bed, the techniques can be practiced in just a few minutes before implementing with your partners. So you don’t need much time. But to increase sexual stamina, of course, you need to invest 30-45 minutes a day. There is no shortcut for building stamina. But my technique for stamina will give you results in just a few weeks.

To stop watching porn or masturbation, the techniques are varying from 5 minutes to 20 minutes a day. So you have choice to pick any technique of your liking. But imagine, you waste way more time watching porn or masturbation already. Doing these techniques will empower you for any other dimension of life like – work, relationship, wealth etc.

Sincerely Your’s

Rajesh P

PS: Problems related to Mind is better solved by none other than yourself. This book helps you analyze your inner problems and guide you through the solution and various techniques. Give yourself a chance!