Are Men Victim of Sexual Revolution?

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Are Men Victim of Sexual Revolution? The question need not be answered. Just give it a deep thought.

Sexual revolution or liberalization is not a documented change. The entire 20th century was a work in progress as far as this revolution is concerned.

In the United States, the sexualization of the society started back in the 1920s. Commercials started using sexual undertones to be consumed by public in general and sexual images were increasingly visible in society. Cultural sexualization was more or less complete by 1950s.

With this cultural change, sex outside of committed relationships had to happen in a broad scale and indeed it happened. In a scientific report regarding people’s sexual behavior back in 1940s,¬†50% of women who participated in the study had sexual relationships before marriage. Around 84% of high school educated men enjoyed sexual relationships outside of marriage.

But all this cultural change was discrete. Social acceptance was yet to come. So it came in the next wave of loud voices of the suppressed in 1960s. Society in general demanded increased acceptance to sex outside of typical heterosexual monogamous relationships ( marriage ). Different sexual behaviors came out in open public discussions. Celebrities spoke of sex and porn magazines in a jovial way.

A big component of this change was the cry for freedom.

But a simultaneous movement was gaining ground – women empowerment. They too were crying for freedom – albeit from their traditional role in society. Contraception pill was a great tool in the women empowerment since they now had the control over their future. Sexual liberalization perfectly fit that ongoing struggle for empowerment.

For too many ages, Men suppressed woman’s voice in the society. In a liberal sexual culture, women found a unique expression of freedom. It was a subtle but definite change. Combine this with women stepping outside for work, the society was beginning to shift towards the concept of equality.

Now this was sexually progressive, if you may call so. Both men and women benefited with these 2 phases of sexual revolution.

But the biggest change was yet to come. Arrival of internet brought that change.

What took almost A CENTURY to put sex into mainstream, it just took ONE DECADE to put porn into mainstream.

Porn exposure which was extremely limited in earlier generations, started as east 12 years of age in this internet generation. By 17-18 years of age, around 90 percent of kids were consumer of this phenomenon.

Two parallel shifts are happening simultaneously. Undocumented and Unconsciously.

  • Men are getting sexual arousal in the brain as early as 10-12 years of age. And in turn getting addicted to sexual arousal in the brain in a very large scale. This scale is so large that researchers could not find a control group in the age of 10-15 who are not exposed to porn for a study.
  • Women are getting exposed to the pleasure possibilities of female body. And there is a stamp of approval by the intellectual society and celebrity gang by endorsing terms such as – female orgasm, G spot, squatting etc. It does not matter what their individual experience may be, but the idea of possibilities is left in them to grow.

Now take a pause and think what just happened.

The act of sex has not changed since the beginning of time, or for that matter in last 2 waves of revolution.

But the idea of sex underwent a drastic change in the minds of young men and women. It got over dramatized and morphed. And that is dangerous.

The Act of Sex Can be Fulfilled. But Idea of Sex Can’t be.

Women expect and man must meet it. This is in an environment where sex is not under the obligation of a relationship commitment. So choices are abundant and it doesn’t take minutes to switch between choices.

But is Man capable to meet the expectation?

Well, He is ready for the real action, but not for the idea of the act.

The stress of recent times is unparalleled.

But no other wave of change crippled man from inside the Mind like this one. Porn exposure made Man face myriads of sexual problems en mass. And the unfortunate part is very very few realize Porn may be behind their sufferings.

So Mind which is the primary sexual organ is getting corrupted for the first time in the sexual history of man.

Where does Man stand in the Midst of this Change?

Both Men and Women are enjoying this change – until the impact is seen.

A quick definition would tell you the problem. If you ask a doctor what is premature ejaculation, he or she would not be able to tell you because this is not a medical condition in the first place.

Premature ejaculation is a condition if the partner involved in the act think so.

If the very definition of a problem lies in the psyche of an individual, then what do you when a large population would think so? Inability and imagination/expectation, both contribute to the problem. Other physical manifestations of sexual problems are widespread in men.

So being the active partner in sex, where does Man stand and where he is heading to?

There is certainly no aggressor. There is no victimhood.

So let the question reverberate in you!!!

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